Freedom Cannabis consists of selected 26 top-shelf outdoor strains, aiming to be the natural choice for those who tend to love the more awakening side of this magical plant. We carefully select our strains to match the effects we prefer to experience. Our love for nature, sustainability and the outdoors is in the center of our think box in every decision the brand makes to inspire our clients for the most positive and fun lifestyle.

Feel free to join a community of open - minded people seeking inspiration in natural growth. Our products are designed to invigorate your senses and reflect a mellow yet upbeat state of mind.

Grown responsibly beyond the limits of quality for all of us to enjoy.



Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Rolls

The Bubble Hash infused Pre Roll is designed to become the pinnacle of the smoking experience. Specific attention is given to selected flower and overall high THC potency for a great kick of satisfaction.

Bubble hash is the crème dela crème of Cannabis extraction. Non Solvent and only the very best part of the Trichomes is harvested in its process. If cars were pre rolls this would be a Ferrari.

THC Pills - Isolated THC Doses

The easiest and most discrete way to get your FREEDOM THC boost is now here. With each pill being a precise 10ml gram dose of the concentrated THC, the Freedom THC pill is designed to give you a dosed, clear headed high that will leave you feeling free and happy.

The Dablicator - Unrivaled Purity

Freedom is proud to be the first to release the The Dablicator. This device allows you to apply a perfectly dosed amount of 10ml THC at one simple click. Freedom Dablicator's are filled with THC concentrate in its purest form and then slightly flavored with natural fruit flavored Terpenes for the ultimate flavor.

Finally, we can easily dab on the go.

Vape Cartridge - Infused Oil Extracts

Fruity THC flavors for days. Our C cell technology sourced hardware can get you inhaling up to 7ml in a single hit. Freedom THC concentrate goes through a careful process of distillation and then infused with natural Terpenes for a fresh and gentle effect from your favorite fresh fruit flavors.

Premium Flowers in a Bag

Sun powered strains - grown responsibly beyond the limits of quality for all of us to enjoy. Our 26 premium outdoor strains are designed to invigorate your senses and available in 4 Polybag Sizes:

- 1 gram
- 1/8 ounce
- 1/4 ounce
- 1 ounce

Original Pre-Rolls: Kief Infused

The ultimate Pre Roll. 1 gram of quality flower dusted in Kief, giving the joint an extra push and a smooth Freedom taste.


  • A Sativa leaning hybrid offering a high euphoric lift while maintaining clalrity.

  • With an earthy-pine aroma, this strain delivers a deeply calming and creative high, perfect for pain relief.

  • This Dope Cup winning hybrid provides a clear-headed creative high.

  • This Sativa Leaning hybrid has a racy and energetic start, then leaves you chill and happy.




With over 100 identified in the cannabis plant, terpenes are the organic compounds that are responsible for the diverse palate of aromas that we know and love in cannabis. Research has shown that terpenes also work synergistically with other cannabinoids to shape the high you feel. THC can be described as the "engine", while terpenes are the "steering wheel" of the high. With therapeutic health benefits ranging from the anti-inflammatory effects of floral Myrcene, to the memory-boost of Pine forest Pinene, terpenes are truly Nature's Medicine.


The effects listed here were gathered by individuals who participated in the review process on a volunteer basis. Everyone reacts to cannabis differently and the effects are subjective. The information on this poster is not intended as medical advice.



A Little Background on Cannabis

Cannabis has been used since ancient times as a fundamental agent for medicine and achieving euphoria to improve well being. In the last century it suffered from wrong publicity and political controversy keeping illegal in many countries and states for no justified reason. Thanks to mainstream media and better educated generation, cannabis has been rediscovered for its multiple benefits and now have a clear path for full legislation and to responsibly improving our lives in every turn.

We collected a few of our favorite links you can indulge to find out more:


Why Freedom?

Freedom is taking a new, cleaner approach to cannabis consumption and brand awareness. We hope to help inspire a movement towards sustainable growth that is based on affordability, quality and an adventurous, outdoorsy lifestyle full of positivity.

What do we wish our customers?

Packaged flower, Kief infused pre-rolls with much more to come... stay tuned.

Goodness in all shapes and forms. Great experiences enjoying our products and providing us with constructive feedback so we could constantly improve and renew ourselves for you the best we can.

Our Brand Responsibility?

Cannabis is in the process of being FREE again. After suffering from wrong, uneducated stigma, it is now being reintroduced to the world as a magical substance that will help us all improve our health and day to day life.

Freedom is committed to keep cannabis FREE of bad stigma and illegal hands. Further we are committed to innovate natural growth, sustainability and reasonable prices making quality cannabis products approachable and enjoyable alike.

What Freedom products are available to purchase?

Packaged flower, Kief infused pre-rolls with much more to come... stay tuned.

What is Sun-Powered Plants?

Sun powered plants rely on natural growth powered by the sun and our excellent natural environment in the Northwest. Outdoor flower is grown in 100% natural lighting. The plants adapt to their environments, resulting in hardier plants. The wind strengthens their stalks and prevents fungus from growing on the flowers and foliage. The plants genes are expressed differently in response to Nature, sparking conversations on "landrace" strains.

Heightened production of Terpenes, the essential oils that make up the unique aromas of Cannabis, naturally protect the plants from pests. Terpenes have also been found to play a significant role in defining the characteristics of the high produced by individual plants, as well as providing a variety of holistic health benefits. And with drastically reduced energy and resource consumption, flower cultivated outdoors is eco-friendly and more economical for the consumer to enjoy.

There is a giant ball of fire floating somewhere in the universe. it gives life to everything we know, stars, people, animals and plants alike. We choose to use it and so does our plants.

What About Indoor Grown Cannabis?

In an era that screams sustainability led by a generation that truly wants to embrace natural processes... we believe that cannabis grown inside is not the answer and no, just because a plant is grown inside does not mean it is of a higher quality or will it deliver a better or worst experience.

Indoor facilities immerged mainly due to the plants former illegal state as a sheltered environmental away from the eyes of the law or in unfitting climates that does not allow for the right conditions for optimum natural growth.

There has been much debate in recent years over the quality of flower grown Indoors versus Outdoor grown flower. Indoor flower tends to have a better "bag appeal". Grown in carefully controlled conditions, the plants take less abuse from environmental factors such as wind and temperature fluctuations. Trichomes, the fragile THC-filled crystals on the flower, are left intact, lending to slightly higher potency.

However, Indoor growing has its drawbacks. Infestations by microscopic insects and fungal growth are common. As a result, high levels of pesticides are sprayed on the plants and on the flowers themselves. High powered lights used to simulate the sun present the issue of energy consumption. Indoor growing space is limited, resulting in fewer plants and inflated prices that in return - are passed on to consumers.

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